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Ok, I got it
  Canada's #1
          Book of
15,673 hits
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  Special   Autographed copies
"A refreshing, interesting new Style, he breaks all the rules."
Order now- Rated 10 stars**********
  "George Hewitt is--
                                  a Real life Indiana Jones"
"Keep Spurring" is a bull Ride of a tale- as daring, funny, charming, unpredictable, mysterious, and highly entertaining, as the Cowboy who wrote it."
    by Kelly Bowers-- the RIDER- Canada's Favourite Equine Magazine,
  "I first met George Hewitt when he....
convinced me to air his TV Series "OPEN ROADS......     "Keep Spurring tells the story of how a kid from Ontario got involved in the hard knocks and breaks of the world of Rodeo... And what a ride it is!   Told in first person style, George's unique personality keeps us spellbound as he recounts his life story as only he can relate it."

  order NOW ....
  "Keep Spurring 'til the Whistle Blows"
  by Don Wilcox, ----       retired VP, GM, CKCO-TV. (CTV)
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In 1976- Shadow Don Time with Driver-Trainer George Hewitt, Posts 9 wins in 11 races. They set 5 track records, Raced in the "Little Brown Jug" and in Michigan, Shadow Don Time was the fasted M.O.B.ever. He also defeated "Dream Maker," Canada's Horse of the year.
Phone... (519) 924-3131
Special $29.99
includes shipping and
handling in Canada
  USA add $5.99
        George's last drive
  Oct. 15,1976-- new track record
  Shadow   Don   Time       Hazel Park   April 31, 1976
                George Hewitt     driver trainer
1st drive on Shadow Don Time
      new Life time record
They Set the track record for 3 yr.old pacers here at Mohawk in 1976, this was the last race that George Hewitt would ever drive Shadow Don Time-- Why?
      Gail Hewitt
They traveled the 'Rodeo trail" side by side
  Clayton Moore, as the "Lone Ranger,"
  was a special guest on George Hewitt's
  TV show Open Roads.....   This was the only
  time that Clayton ever appeared on any TV
  show other than The Lone Ranger series.

  "George Hewitt was and is a good friend of
  Jay Silverheels and I. George is truely a
  Canadian legend."
            ----Clayton Moore,     1980-----
Archie McArthur   ( now deceased)             and   George Hewitt
                              life long "Best Friends"
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George Hewitt, Canadian TV star, and Pam Minick, TV host for the PBR Finals Nashville Network (TNN), caught during a light moment, at the M.G.M. Grand, in Las Vegas.
A fascinating true life adventure, lived by long time Priceville resident George Hewitt. George now a retired TV star, Rodeo rider and Cowboy adventurer, will personally sign, the 1st edition of his 3 part autobiography, "Keep Spurring 'til the Whistle blows."
"We're roping them in."   >>
  "England Beauties" as selected by George, at one of several contests where he performed the duty as head judge.... 1965.
    George's life has been filled with dangerous adventures and
    beautiful women.....
  TV shoot George & Kelly King
  Calgary Alberta   1987
All time best of   "Playboy Centerfolds" who appeared on George's TV show OPEN ROADS.....mid 1980's -- tough Job ..... Right?
My new text...
  above - George's wife Gail
  shortly after they met.
      Six Nations Princess
            about 1980's
"Shadow Don Time" driven by George Hewitt, wins 3 yr. old Michigan Futurity setting another track record. Dream Maker, Canada's horse of the year,with driving great Bobby Wiliams, was 2nd.
"Keep Spurring" NEWS
Spurring sales in:-- Ontario, Sask, Manitoba, Alberta, Yukon, N.W.T., Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Arizonia, South America, England and Australia.
Breaking news NOW AVAILABLE...  

A breathtaking sequel to Canada's #1 Cowboy adventure. A no holds barred, true life story.

Danger around every corner. A behind the scene expose of both Rodeo and Harness horse racing.

Death threats, Con artists and much, much more...This book, as the first, gives all it promises.... Not just for horse people... This is a must read.
"Keep Spurring"
the Sequel"
**the Sequel**
George Hewitt Molson Award Champion 1973
George Hewitt   Windsor Raceway March 15, 1977
The mid 1980's- George was indeed busy. Starring in "A Night at the Races" for CBC, and "OPEN ROADS" syndicated to over 300 markets world wide, he also starred in about 40 TV commercials, plus he was MC for Molson Canadian Rodeo tour.
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      "Keep Spurring"
      and the "Sequel"
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Meter Started: Nov 26, 2009
          Again thanks to Terry Jenkins ("CANADIAN COWGIRLS")
                                          for suggesting the title  
                        "Keep Spurring 'til the Whistle Blows"
      for Visiting
"Thanks for visiting folks. If you buy my book and don't like it, send it back undamaged, and I'll refund your purchase price."
              and helping to make

          the fastest selling Cowboy
          adventure book in Canada.
        "Keep Spurring
  'til the Whistle Blows"
Special   $29.99
includes mailing
in Canada -- USA add $5.00
"KEEP SPURRING sales now in... Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Australia, South America, and England.
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"Keep Spurring" the Sequel